A Bon Voyage Greeting Card

A Bon Voyage Greeting Card

A quick project to share with you today! My family threw a send-off brunch for my sister before she left on a three week trip to South America, and I wanted to make her a card. I thought of this idea several days before, but obviously didn’t start working on it until 30 minutes before the party. 

I’d definitely like to work on my planning ahead skills, but there is something to be said about working under a tight deadline. There is no time for hemming and hawing and doubting yourself. And since this was such a small, manageable project, I even had time for a few iterations. 

A series of calligraphic iterations of the phrase "Bon Voyage."

My first attempt at flourishing the “n” on “Bon” was a bit disappointing. (I only recently took a class on flourishes and for pen strokes that look so spontaneous and effortless they can be TRICKY.) But even though the flourish itself was disappointing, the look of it did inspire the airplane that I added to the final version, which I LOVE. 

A paint palette filled with watercolor paints, a paint brush and a card splattered in colorful paint droplets that reads "Bon Voyage"

Add a little splatter paint and voila! Finished! (Okay, not finished. I then had to write a message on the other side of the card which came out in some sort of weird calligra-cursive hybrid font and then I had to forge the signatures of my husband and two sons as the party had already started by the time I got to this part. I would say I did a poor job forging my sons’ signatures as I made their names very legible, and they can’t write yet.)

A greeting card that says "Bon Voyage" with splatter paint details

Supplies I used:

4 bar flat cards from Paper Source

Tombow Brush Pen Soft Tip

Tracing Paper Canson Calque Satin 

Watercolor Brush Utrecht 6150-R Round Size 8


Ok, one more thing. You know how fun it is to see everyone’s studio spaces? The perfect, clean inspiring place where the magic creativity happens? Yeah, I don’t have one of those. I do have this awesome amazing desk that my husband made, but I can’t find it because someone (me) covered it in papers, books, calligraphy trace paper, magazines and a million other things. So…I’m going to show you my “splatter paint studio.” Here it is:


An art project on a messy countertop


The reason I’m showing this to you is because adding a splash of creativity to your day can happen anytime, anywhere. It does not need to wait until the rest of your life is in order. It does not need to take place in a pristine location filled with inspiring tidy views. I mean, that would be awesome, but let’s not wait. Let’s get making in the messy!

(But seriously, why is there a sharpie in the fruit bowl?! And when is someone going to wipe up those spilled cheerios!?)

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