Field Notes

Field Notes

I started a new sketchbook today! I also looked like a total creeper while drawing this branch as it was part of a large bush between our yard and our neighbor’s yard.

So basically, I was crouched down peering intently through the branches of this bush (well, AT the branches, but how would they know that?!) and scribbling in a notebook for 10 minutes. And did I mention the swarm of invisible biting flies that descended on me immediately? Their contribution was to make it look like I was gesticulating angrily in between peering into my neighbor’s yard and scribbling in a notebook.

Then, after 10 minutes of deep squat crouching, all the blood had left my legs causing me to stagger away from the bush with more wild gesticulating.

So obviously I’m going to spend tonight scrolling through Zillow listings. 😩

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